A comfortable
refuge of

Certain people keep telling me I need to be more responsible, get a real job, go back to college, stop sleeping on a couch, bathe regularly. In other words, Grow Up. That's all well and good for them to say, and I suppose it's something that I probably should get around to eventually. There's just two little problems with that:
1. I don't wanna!
2. You can't make me!
But deep down in my squishy parts I'm afraid that it's going to happen anyway. Being afraid scares me, so in the meantime I hide in My Little Fort of couch cushions and blankets, coming out occasionally to read comic strips and sometimes make my own.

Miscellanious Comics
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The Bench

The Bench is a relatively new kind of experiment in online comics started by Gabe and Tycho over at Penny Arcade. They call it Community Cartooning. The idea is that they provide the basic elements of a potentially funny situation: 1 Guy, 1 Bench, 1 Squirrel, and then you can make your own Bench cartoons. Naturally, I made some and will now inflict them upon you along with commentary by Pink Ass Monkey the Babboon Critic. Particularly popular was a movie parody I did as a series of 9 Bench Strips (and maybe more to come).

Reader Comics for Seanbaby

Seanbaby reigns undisputed as The Internet's Funniest Sex Symbol. He's even sexy when talking about old NES games and still funny when getting email from illiterate christian crusaders. These super powers and more have gained him a legion of fans who made Comic Strips about him, including a few by myself, which can also be seen here.

Dating Visual Aids

Sometimes you just need a little help. If you're a late bloomer, or a hopeless computer geek, or about half of my friends, you might not know some of the basic common sense sort of things most socially well-adjusted people just take for granted. If that's the kind of person you are, you might need some general dating advice. If you're the stick figure in these strips (and any similarities between him and anybody else are strictly coincidental) you might need a little more than advice. You might need A Visual Aid

K.Thor Fan Comics

K.Thor Jensen's A Short and Happy Life is a depressingly wonderful mix of absurdity, loathing, cartoons, and true stories. Some of the entries will make you laugh untill your lungs bleed and others will make you want to just curl up under your desk and cry. Whatever it is though, it's always intelligent and always K.Thor. So I made him some comics.