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What happened to the Red Devil?

Has anybody else wondered whatever happed to the Red Devil and the updates? Oh, by the way, this is pyre, not the Red Devil. Let's see, maybe there's a way to make this clearer...

Yeah, there we go. That's better.
Anyway, you many have noticed that it's been a very long time since the Red Devil's journal has been updated. Even by the incredibly lax standards you've come to expect here at So what's been going on with the Red Devil for last year or so?

I have no fucking idea either. Sorry. I don't know what to say. The updates stopped coming, the phone numbers are no longer valid, and I haven't heard anything from her in ages. Just another one of those sad situations where two friends who swore they'd keep in touch failed to. It happens. It happens all too often, actually. So if anybody out there actually cared enough to stumble across this sad little moment of rememberance...
Uhh... Shit, I guess there's supposed to be a moral here. I mean, that last bit really sounds like it's leading up to some sort of message about friendship or communication or another made for tv movie subject, but um, yeah. I didn't really have a point in mind when I was writing that, though. Sorry, sorry. Okay, let's see? Be excellent to each other? Hell, I don't know. Just drop people an email once in a while. Is that so hard?